Blockchain and Crypto Validators

Terra Stake is an indipendent staking service provider for blockchain projects. As ISSP we make and mantain for us and for our customers blockchain validator nodes in PoS blockchain networks.

TERRA STAKE new staking projects

We operate as active validators on these projects, you can support the blockchain ecosystem by staking with Terra Stake.

Token holders can stake with us to help secure these networks and earn staking rewards.

We currently have validator node active on the CASPER blockchain and REEF blockchain, and we have many more nodes under development on other blockchains.


Hosting and housing of Master nodes, Full Nodes, Staking Services

TERRA STAKE  is a non-custodial platform for all of your Hosting and Validating needs. You can host Master nodes, Full nodes or Sentry nodes as well RPC’s nodes on our datacenters. No specific knowledge is required to buy our TVS – Total Validator Support™ service.

fiber GPON

Stake or validate with us

We are Internet node experts and we operate as validators on PoS networks.

Token holders can stake with us to help secure these networks and earn staking rewards.

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A real team of experts.

A real team of senior experts of IT and ICT field for our ISSP and ISP division.

A woldwide group of blockchain enthusiasts for our DEVELOPER group.